The Power of a Global Network

Solve your production and supply chain needs today!

We Provide Quality and Value

Global Manufacturing Network is your qualified global supply chain on-demand. With a network of factories with diverse skills and technologies, we strive to meet all your contract manufacturing needs.

In addition, with our logistics expertise and focus on customer service, we meet those needs seamlessly as an extension of your own team.


  • Sheet Metal Fabrication and Assemblies
  • Machined Metal Parts
  • Machined Plastic Parts
  • Die Cast Parts
  • Stamped Metal Parts
  • Molded Plastic Parts
  • Investment Cast Parts
  • Extruded Metal Parts

Value Added Services

  • Design for Manufacturability and Cost Reduction
  • Quality Process Systems
  • Tacit Knowledge Consultation
  • Product Revision Control
  • Los Angeles Logistics Warehouse
  • JIT/Kanban Shipments
  • RMA & Reverse Logistics Coordination