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Regional Supply Chains
Global Manufacturing Network™ is your qualified global supply chain on demand! Our customers give us baskets of parts from their BOM (Bill of Materials) or subassemblies or completed products. We then coordinate the production, the management of quality and the logistics to deliver their products to their docks on schedule and within budget.

Globalization has had an impact on regional geographies in that geographic regions tend to develop complimentary skills in similar industries to reduce operating costs and have a stable labor pool. Although Silicon Valley might be a very famous example, biotech growth in San Diego, CA and aerospace growth in Xian, China and consumer product industry growth in Guangdong, China are also noteworthy as is motorcycle & transportation growth in Sichuan are of China.

Not only are there regional industry networks in the US and China, but these networks have been expanding and growing in other areas. In their wake, entrepreneurs develop production capabilities that can be leveraged in a global supply chain on demand.

Our own networks of facilities have been growing over the years from the US and Greater China to additional countries. In addition to our strong positions in North America, Japan and China, you will be hearing more about our expansion in Southeast Asia, India and Eastern Europe.