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Welcome to Global Manufacturing Network

Global Manufacturing Network™ is your qualified global supply chain on demand with many factories, skills and technologies in diverse regions of the globe. Global Manufacturing Network™ can meet your production needs as an extension to your production team. Built upon decades of experiences and relationships, China Manufacturing Network® formally began its operation in 2003 as a core group within the Global Manufacturing Network™ and Source Globally™ structures.

Greater China has been and remains a critical region of the world for a variety of production capacities and technologies. Greater China also possesses tremendous regional synergy for many industries. Our belief is that Greater China will continue to be a mission critical region for production capacities and technologies for at least a decade to come. And China Manufacturing Network® remains a vital resource for our customers seeking competitive advantage.

Developments in world trade forces every organization to consider production and sourcing strategies on a global basis. As we expand production and logistics in Southeast Asia, India, Mexico and other parts of the globe, Global Manufacturing Network™ has developed and possessed the tools and resources to help you with a balanced global supply chain meeting your needs.