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Our Advantage

If you are part of a production team, you need to contribute to the success fo the team in three areas: Quality, Cost & Delivery. In addition, you need to be responsive to the team’s needs – especially when they have customers making some demand on them.

Each of our production and logistics facilities have the technology, equipment and skillset to help your team succeed by providing the Quality, Cost and Delivery your team needs in each of their dedicated skill sets – plastic molding, metal fabrication, wire harness assembly, flex circuits, die casting, etc. – as listed in our capabilities – however, we have the added advantage of being able to coordinate combined processes to deliver subassemblies or completed products. In addition, we have the ability to support engineering tasks.

We use our production knowledge to help our customers realize additional savings by making Design for Manufacturing suggestions and by providing research and suggestions into production processes and materials.

Many of our customers have not had extensive experience in global production or global procurement, so we must work with our customers to help them with their internal processes for receiving and inspecting parts manufactured in a global supply chain. For example, on occasion one QC Dept will get a different measurement on the same part than other QC Dept – we refer to this as a round robin situation, and it usually occurs when different measurement methods are employed. We work with each team to try and replicate the other’s measurements, which is the first step towards successful resolution. One you can measure a value you can take action to modify your process and change the value.

Our production facilities are diverse in capability and location. They are mainly small and medium size family owned businesses that need our project management, our QMS concepts and our resources to be successful in meeting the cultural needs of our customers. Through management of machine time allocation among multiple projects, we can bring an efficiency and quality that make us help our customers to be very competitive in global markets.