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About Us
Although many members of our team have decades of international manufacturing experience, our organization started its formal operations in 2003.

Our customer’s interact with us in one of three ways
  1. They often consider us part of their materials & procurement team – where we are given a basket of components and commodities for which we must achieve some target price during the year. We also work closely with engineering, production and quality control to make sure our contributions help our customer succeed in their goals.
  2. They sometimes consider us a competing local supplier because we deliver to their dock to their schedule. We are easy to communicate with and can handle challenging and technical projects.
  3. They sometimes consider us a procurement resource to help them source materials or commodities that either fit a technical market need or act as a component in something they deliver to their customers.
We have found that the rules and policies and structure that can make a larger multinational an overall successful company may sometimes hinder the success of a team or department on a specific program or project. Our company was founded with the belief that a company can not only live up to a commitment to quality and responsiveness but that it also can be nimble enough to help such teams be successful by providing services and providing flexibility that these teams need to be successful.

Our production facilities are diverse in capability and location. They are mainly small and medium size family owned businesses that need our project management, our QMS concepts and our resources to be successful in meeting the cultural and quality needs of our customers. Through management of machine time allocation among multiple projects, we can bring an efficiency and quality that help our customers be competitive in global markets.

Global Manufacturing Network™ is your qualified global supply chain on demand! Our customers give us baskets of parts from their BOM (Bill of Materials) or subassemblies or completed products. We then use our resources to coordinate the production, the management of quality and the logistics to deliver their products to their docks on schedule and within budget.

One critical differentiator in our process is the collection of tacit knowledge and documenting it in a way useful to our factories. Tacit knowledge are those details missing from the drawings that make a difference in success or failure regarding product acceptance by our customers' executive team, sales and marketing team and their QC (Quality Control) department.