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Diverse, Qualified, Certified and Experienced
Process Management
Technology, Quality, Cost and Delivery
Communication, Cooperation & Reliable, Fast Response
Quality Control & Support
We provide QC Support and QC Services in conjunction with the following service areas:
  • Machining metal, plastic and ceramics
  • Molding plastics and rubber
  • Forging, die casting, sand casting and cintering metals
  • Metal stamping and fabrication, including welding
  • Wire bending and forming
  • Flex circuit production
  • Wire harness assembly
  • Product subassembly
  • Product assembly and packaging
  • Job shop, medium volume and high volume production
  • Finishing operations including bead blasting, painting, plating, passivation and powder coating
  • Full logistics support to get your orders from our factory to your dock on schedule
  • Engineering support as needed to manage ECOs (Engineering Change Order)
  • Support continuous improvements in cost and process